Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Blockchain-GDPR Paradox: a seriously under-appreciated problem

"The way GDPR is formulated, we cannot store data directly on the blockchain since in GDPR terms ‘it is not erasable’. This prohibits us from using this technology to its full potential, so we need to rely on ‘older’ systems for storing data" - Andries Van Humbeeck @wearetheledger

The Blockchain-GDPR Paradox – wearetheledger – Medium

It should be noted that any use of blockchain that allows correlation of record header or meta data is also going to fall foul of privacy rules and requirements besides edit/erase.

For example, medical privacy might not be well-served by a publicly readable blockchain from which Bob can deduce that Alice visited a fertility clinic three times this month (for various scenarios in which Bob and Alice may know each other, or not).

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